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Eco Warriors
Well done to the Eco Warriors and for all your hard work around the school.
We have received our green flag award!
Meet our Eco Warriors

Welcome to Breamore's Eco Warriors

Latest News

The eco warriors are busy keeping an eye on littering around our school. Please help us out by keeping our car park clean!

Have a look at our eco code:

Eco Code.pdf
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    Latest Top Tips

  • There are many varieties of paper straws around to buy and re-cycle rather than plastic ones which just go in the bin.
  • If you send your child to school with a packed lunch please try to make this as waste free as possible to reduce the wasted produced at school. 
Coming soon to Breamore....

Once a month Reverend Nicky will be working with the Eco Warriors to sell Fair-trade products. This stall will be open to parents after school and the dates will be given out via the newsletter.
At Breamore we are very passionate about keeping our environment clean.  The Eco Warriors created these posters to remind visitors and parents to turn their engines off when waiting in their cars to help us achieve this, creating a healthy work space for us.
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